Monday, 11 September 2017

Women and Dubai – Truth Exposed - 00971565683637

As the saying goes, ‘all that glitters is not gold’, and it holds very true for Dubai that is often known as the city with golden heart. When you sit here and look at the glamorous pictures that are all over the internet about how beautiful and culturally rich Dubai is, not a single thought about what’s under the surface, comes to your mind. Women all over the world are treated as humans of secondary stature, with men leading the whole species, or so it has become. Dubai is no exception to the fact. When you visit there as a tourist and you are travelling with family you would probably book somewhere that’s trustworthy and family friendly. But if you are touring alone, you may look for someplace that is fun and lively. Dubai offers a host of such places that would provide you with lots of fun and action, and which also includes services given by girls working there. The bars and clubs are full of such women who serve their customers in various ways.

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